But Wait, There’s A Twist! (2015)




Youth for Asian Theater presents But Wait, There’s A Twist!

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Friday, August 7, 2015 at 6:30 P.M.
Mojo Theatre
2940 16th Street #217, San Francisco, CA 94103
Admission FREE

Join Youth for Asian Theater for an evening of original plays written, directed, and performed by San Francisco youth.

  • “This Look Like a Job For…..” written by Reyana Maguad, directed by Laura Ziganti. 
    Two regular Glen Park residents, Valerie and Catherine, meet for the first time at a bus stop. Valerie a news reporter and Catherine a young lady on her way to make a purchase downtown. Two complete strangers who share nothing in common, or so it may appear.
  • “Sam Davis” written by Alma Carranza, directed by Laura Ziganti and Boris Alguliev. 
    Sam Davis, a young man unsure about his future gets his life caught up with characters from a book he didn’t even know he was part of. He and an alien queen are tasked with saving the galaxy all while dealing with Lucy, a young teenage girl trying to change their fate.
  • “Static” written by Arthur Pertzel, directed by Cristina Ibarra.
    When two very different couples meet for drinks, tragedy is revealed. 
  • “Last Chance, Last Dance” written By David Yi, directed by Zola Hanson and Boris Alguliev.
    Ben wants to go to the prom with his crush, the popular Sharon, but is forced to go with school outcast Elle instead. Will Ben be able to keep an open mind and still have the prom everyone dreams of? 
  • “And Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever” written by Reyana Maguad, directed by Laura Ziganti.
    Sam thinks she’s finally found “the one”. “The one” you meet in all the romantic comedies and fairy tales you love as a kid. All that’s left for her and Taylor is happily ever after, but not everything is like a fairytale.

Also featuring some improvised and planned transitions from our wonderful actors.

Some our plays (“Static” and “Sam Davis”) have heavy material and language that may not be appropriate for young children.

Youth for Asian Theater is the only not-for-profit San Francisco theater company in which students operate all aspects of theater production. Thus, YFAT members are given the opportunity to develop into articulate and effective leaders. YFAT is absolutely free not only for actors but for audience members as well, enabling us to reach a large part of the community not typically exposed to theater. YFAT is also the only San Francisco youth acting group that concentrates on the struggles of being Asian-American, a much-neglected subject in a city where the population is one-third Asian and local history is rich with Asian culture. Every summer, members rehearse rigorously for eight weeks at various locations in the community.

Company also includes: Finn Damore Johann, Francine Schneider, Ivy La, Heather McLean, Jessica Lim, Kristian Balgos, Naomi Louie and Nancy Chen.