for a variety of leadership and artistic positions

Email to inquire about any of the positions listed below.


Youth for Asian Theater is a high school student-run, not-for-profit summer theater program.
No experience is required to be involved with our program.
We rehearse several times a week over the semester and
We perform a series of original plays at the end of the program.
YFAT was created by award-winning playwright Lauren D. Yee.


Make friends from different schools and backgrounds.
Try something new! No experience is required to be involved with our program.
YFAT looks great on college applications and resumes.
YFAT is free to join and participate in.
YFAT is a flexible commitment.


· Program Directors
· Actors
· Techies
· Directors


· Graphic Designer/s,
· Website Designer/s,
· Historian,
· Treasurer,
· Public Director/s,
· Stage Manager/s,
· Production Manager/s

Download the application here (.docx) or here (fillable .pdf) to join our cast.
Complete, save, and attach it to an email to


We can come to your classroom and give lectures about the benefits of joining and/or being involved with the company.

Email to set up a date.
Click here for a copy of our PowerPoint presentation.


Q: When/Where are rehearsals and the performance?

A: Dates change every years, but rehearsals are three times a week in the late afternoon from late June to early August. Our performance is in early August. Our locations change every season, but we are always within SF. Click HERE for a calendar of our rehearsal dates. Select the June, July, or August tab. Yellow days are standard 4-6pm rehearsals, while pink days are full day rehearsals.

Q: Help, I’m not Asian!

A: Race is absolutely not a factor in joining our cast. Being a non-Asian ethnicity will not make you feel like an outcast or otherwise in YFAT.

Q: Is there a fee?

A: We are a FREE, nonprofit program.

Q: What positions are available in YFAT?

A: You can be an actor or techie.  Other positions include directors and several of our leadership positions. Typically, these positions are filled by actors/techies, but if you are interested in doing only these, let us know.

Q: How old are YFAT members?

A: We are typically high school or college students. Contact us if you aren’t within this range but want to join.

Q: Why should I join YFAT?

A: YFAT is a great way to stay within the Bay Area (specifically, San Francisco) during the summer but still have an activity.

Since we don’t require any experience, you can test the waters in being an actor, techie, director, leader, etc.

YFAT looks great on college applications because we empower youth and minorities. Because we are entirely youth-led, you can show independence, responsibility, and leadership.

Q: If I am going to be gone for part of the summer for college visits/vacation/camp/etc, can I still join?

A: We understand that people have other plans during the summer, and we will do our best to work with you on that. There are plenty of opportunities to contribute.

Please contact us with any questions at