Condensed Milk (2007)

Condensed Milk poster medium
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Youth for Asian Theater presents Condensed Milk

Wednesday, August 15, 2007 at 7:00 P.M.
Herbst Theatre
401 Van Ness, San Francisco
Admission FREE

Join Youth for Asian Theater for an evening of original plays and monologues written, directed and performed by San Francisco youth.


  • “It Needs a Little Work/The Unfinished Play” written and directed by Samantha Eng. Sometimes inspiration hits, and sometimes it misses.
  • “Champagne From a Paper Cup” written and directed by Mark Lee. No job promotion, no girlfriend, no champagne glasses? No problem.
  • “A Spell of Showers” written and directed by Victoria Wong. Waiting in the rain is easier if you have an umbrella and someone under it beside you.
  • “Finding God” written by Samantha Eng, directed by Amy Chow. One man finds God in his time of need.
  • “Journey to the East” written and directed by Aaron Louie. Only one great being has the power to grant brains, courage, and…revenge!
  • “Drifting Distance” directed by Amy Chow. Can two people, disconnected by distance, remain connected at heart?
  • “Identity Theft” written by Alice Li, directed by Yessenia Chiau and Ching-ching Liu. Meet Victoria Wong. She likes butterflies and bananas.
  • “The Right Words” written by Connie Zhang, directed by Connie Zhang and Samantha Eng. The right words can destroy a one-sided friendship — or repair it.
  • “Acceptance, Denial, Hot Boys? Oh My!” written and directed by Katherine Mar. Struggling with your sexuality? Ironically, blind dates with the gender that you’re not attracted to do help. Especially if there’s a hot older brother involved.

Youth for Asian Theater is the only not-for-profit San Francisco theater company in which students operate all aspects of theater production. Thus, YFAT members are given the opportunity to develop into articulate and effective leaders. YFAT is absolutely free not only for actors, but for audience members as well, enabling us to reach a large part of the community not typically exposed to theater. YFAT is also the only San Francisco youth acting group that concentrates on the struggles of being Asian-American, a much-neglected subject in a city where the population is one-third Asian and local history is rich with Asian culture. Every summer, members rehearse rigorously for eight weeks at the Sunset Recreation Center of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

Company also includes: Amanda Arenas, Justin Chan, Jackie Cheng, Judy Cheng, Angela May Chen, Jessica Chin, Victor Chu, Nathan Dizon, Katrina Harvey, Cathy Huang, Angela Ngai, Jessica Repas, Kristine Reyes, Sunshine Roque, Wilson Szeto, Margaret Tsai, Clarence Tse, Victoria T. Wong, and Celine Wu.