Disorient (2004)

disORIENT small
Youth for Asian Theater presents disORIENT

Saturday, August 7, 2004, 7:30 p.m.
Herbst Theatre
401 Van Ness, San Francisco
Admission FREE

Join Youth for Asian Theater for an evening of original plays and monologues written, directed and performed by San Francisco youth. The award-winning playwrights have had their works featured in Boston, New York, New Haven, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Sonoma and Santa Cruz. Featured plays include:


  • “The Red Wind” by Morgan Ho. What does it mean to be Chinese? Is Chinatown still home after all of these years? Valerie grapples with these issues and rethinks a lifelong friendship.
  • “Escaping Chinatown” by Lauren D. Yee. Irene Kwan and her obstinate daughter Anna Eleanor go head-to-head in this tale of intercultural romance in the tumultuous 1960s.
  • “World’s Next Superhero” by Brianna Lee. When Evilvicious threatens to take over the world, will Fruit & Vegetable Man and his Amazing Sidekick be able to defeat her and save the day?
  • “Ten Years Later” by Megan Shum. Two college roommates meet up a decade after an innocent misunderstanding destroys their friendship.
  • “Presenting Katrina” by Brianna Lee. Fun-In-The-Sun Beach Party Katrina and Cool City Shopper Katrina gather dust on the bottom shelf as shoppers opt for the more classic Barbie doll.
  • “Green Light, Yellow Fever” by Lauren D. Yee. Wanda succumbs to the pressure when the network wants to rework her show after the pilot fails to play up to antiquated stereotypes of Asians.

Featured monologues and performance art written by Diann Leo, Pooja Patel and Ben Piiru

Youth for Asian Theater is a student-run organization that seeks to promote pride in Asian heritage through theater. Now in its fourth year, YFAT operates entirely through the efforts of its young cast and crew members, who oversee the production from script to stage.

Company includes: Riley Chan, Timothy S. Cheng, Brendan Eng, Alisa Farenzena, Melissa He, Morgan Ho, Florence Kwo, Brianna Lee, Sel Lee, Diann Leo, Yvonne Li, Tony Liao, Jordan Lilienstein, Lisa Lin, Lorraine Ling, Jean Long, Jeanne Mai, William Meng, Pooja Patel, Benjamin Piiru, Megan Shum, Stella Tan, Constance Tang, Terence Thang, Kathy Tom, David Tran, Alanna Wong, Crystle K. Wong, Lauren D. Yee