East Side Story (2003)

east side story small
Youth for Asian Theater presents East Side Story

Friday, August 8, 2003, 7:30 p.m.
Herbst Theatre
401 Van Ness, San Francisco
Admission FREE

Join Youth for Asian Theater for an evening of original plays and monologues written, directed and performed by San Francisco youth. Featured plays include:


  • “A Particularly Nasty Stroke of Disingenuousness” by Alexander Hawthorne-Foss
  • “Songs of Fortune” by Terence Thang
  • “Help Wanted” by Tina Yu and Jean Long
  • “Altered States of Marriage” by Lauren D. Yee
  • “First Comes Love, Then Comes Mom” by Yvonne Li
  • “My So-Called Prom” by Regina Liu and Megan Shum
  • “Over the Asian Airwaves” by Lauren D. Yee

Featured monologues and performance art written by Yvonne Li, Lauren D. Yee, and Morgan Ho.

Youth for Asian Theater is a student-run organization that seeks to promote pride in Asian heritage through theater. Now in its third year, YFAT operates entirely through the efforts of its young cast and crew members, who oversee the production from script to stage.

Company includes: Timothy Cheng, Aga De Castro, Alisa Farenzena, Alexander Hawthorne-Foss, Florence Kwo, Brianna Lee, Sel Lee, Yvonne Li, Jordan Lilienstein, Lisa Lin, Lorraine Ling, Regina Liu, Jean Long, Pooja Patel, Lily Sham, Megan Shum, Stella Tan, Constance Tang, Terence Thang, Alanna Wong, James Yao, Lauren D. Yee, and Tina Yu.