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Youth for Asian Theater’s 2011 Company Biographies

ABAMANDA BALOMAGA: For this season of YFAT, Amanda is returning to assist tech crew and to be the lone member of make up crew. In the fall, she’ll be entering her sophomore year at Dominican University. Amanda can be easily identified by her oversized round readers and feminine fashion style. She loves staying up late, sleeping, drawing, Harry Potter, laughing, singing, history, boba, and body pillows. Her three favorite words are “avuncular”, “defenestrate”, and “coagulate”.

AZARTY ZHANG: This is Arty Zhang’s first time writing a play, first time directing a play, and first production with YFAT. He has little experience with theater but hopes to remedy that with a bit of bumbling and embarrassed grinning.

DWDELANY WOO: This will be Delaney’s second year at YFAT. She is nervously awaiting her freshman year at UC Berkeley. She has found a home in theater, having been in eight shows at SHCP. She will forever have a bad habit of filling her plate with too many activities, but it’s probably because she loves too many things. Delaney still watches The Daily Show with John Stewart, still spends too much time on Facebook, and still goes on adventures with awesome people. And guess what! She is STILL very very very very indecisive about her future. But things will probably work out for her, in some unexpected fashion.

JWJACINTA WU: This is Jacinta’s third year with YFAT. She will be entering as a sophomore at the University of Hawaii during the fall. Parting from her role as Program Director, Jacinta still continues her love for directing and acting. She also enjoys eating ice cream, listening to music, joking and laughing with family and friends, and being random. She awaits another fun and memorable time with everyone!

JLJEFFREY LI: This is Jeffrey Li’s second summer at YFAT and he is an incoming freshmen at UCSB. Some of his interests include going to the gym, playing Magic: The Gathering, and hanging out with friends. He is very reserved around new people, but once you get to know him, he can be a fun guy. He will be joining the tech crew again this summer, because he sucks at acting but he hopes to make new friends and learn a few things or two.

JCJESSE CHUNG: Jesse Chung, towering at a ridiculous height of 6’1.5 and being one of the few (thousand) survivors of Lowell High School, is an 18-year old inconsistency in time and space. As someone who believes time is precious, he has a simple goal in life: to try and learn anything and everything he can. In his free time he enjoys juggling, video games, board games, K-Pop, choreographed dancing, script-writing, theater, acting, and singing (when he believes no one is around to hear it). He full-heartedly believes that U-Know Yunho is a god among men and as such, aims to live his life like Yunho lives his: with a “dance explosion.” As a new actor in YFAT, Jesse hopes to love the people there, to embrace another new experience, and to practice one of his favorite passions in his suicidal quest to practice everything.

JLJULIE LAM: Julie Lam is an incoming Junior at Lowell High School. She is looking forward to her second summer as a techie for YFAT. She thinks that autobiographies are overated and the internet is evil. It is strange that she volunteered to be historian, because it means that she will have to use the dreaded internet more often. Other than that, she appreciates the visual and preforming arts and hopes that this year’s performance will be a success.

KLKENNY LI: This is Kenny’s first year in YFAT. He will be a senior at Lowell High School this upcoming fall. Although he is a fairly shy person, Kenny is looking forward to having fun and making new friends at YFAT this summer. He is a techie at Lowell and he hopes to make good use of the knowledge he has gained there as well as learn new skills. When bored, he likes to stare at the computer for hours, listen to music, read, go dragon boating, volunteer, and sleep!

KDKIM DO: Attending UC Berkeley in the fall, Kim Do is excited to spend her third and last summer with Youth For Asian Theater as an actor and director. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, watching movies, and following Korean pop culture.

LWLIANG WU: This is Liang Wu. He graduated from Lowell and will be attending American University in the fall. He enjoys reading during his spare times. This is his first year at YFAT.

MMMARI MA: This is Mari’s first year in YFAT. He loves to read, play cello, sing, and most importantly sleep. Mari is going to be senior in Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep this coming school year. This is the second time he is in a theater production. He greatly appreciates anyone who supported him.

Laziness growing daily
Matt Kitagawa

MLMELANIE LEE: This is Melanie Lee’s second year in YFAT and first year as Program Director. She is an incoming junior at Lowell High School, where she is an avid member of Interact Club, Lowell High School Mock Trial Team, and Lowell’s theater program. When she is not working at the San Francisco Zoo, dancing at SGI cultural center or having the time of her life with YFAT, she is snooping around Haight, imitating Nicki Minaj, giggling obnoxiously, and finding places to jog. She hopes for a successful show and yet another swagtastic summer with YFAT.

NBNICHOLAS BOURGAULT: Nick Bourgault is an entering junior at Lowell High. It will be his first summer in yfat, and he is SUPER excited! He is 15 (but will soon be 16), and is in love with acting and singing, and therefore everything musical theater. He is unhealthily obsessed with glee and Wicked, and also loves cats (as in, more than humans (sometimes)). Nick also loves writing, lady gaga, environmental sciences, adele, and good-hair days.

NYNORMAN YU: Norman will be evolving into a superior species called a senior this fall at Lowell High School and with anticipation, dread, and fear, embarks into his first year in YFAT. Enigmatically simple, Norman seems to be an oxymoron and a hypocrite, he is also in fact, apparently very extremely redundant, evidently apparent in his writing. When in this plane of existence, Norman enjoys reading, sitting, and staring aimlessly into space-which to the untrained eye may seem to be a thoughtful young man pondering the mysteries of the universe, when in actuality it is a hungry child daydreaming about dinner.

NANORRIS ALMARE: Norris Almare is a freshman at Chabot College majoring in Liberal Arts. This will be his second year with YFAT. He likes RPGs and fighting games. He’d play shooters too if he weren’t so bad at them. He can speak Tagalog/Filipino, Japanese, and American Sign Language in addition to English. He really likes bacon, mcdonalds, pizza, and taco bell. He enjoys crime and mystery stories. He recently acquired a great appreciation for economics. His favorite book is Level 7 and his favorite movie is How To Train Your Dragon. Love him.

PLPOLINA LITVAK: Polina is a rather strange, Joss-Whedon-obsessed wannabe writer and actress. She is an incoming senior at Lowell High School, after which freedom is finally hers! Previously, she has performed in school productions and with the Moveabout Theatre Company. If there is a musical, she has probably heard of it, and she can quote nearly any episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on command. She also enjoys bursting into song, dancing like a slightly insane pig, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Firefly, Nerdfighteria, BBYO, and fangirling over fictional characters. And talking in third person. That’s always fun.

RLREENA LAM: This is Reena’s first year at YFAT as a techie. She likes hats, the colors black and light green, flip phones, theater (especially musicals), reading, Code Geass, baby animals, flying, South Korea, white chocolate, chocolate chocolate, dark hazelnut chocolate, chocolate in general, nerf guns, golden retrievers, FT Island, xkcd, strawberries, Austria, her bed, doodling, vhart, John Dies at the End, and her friends.

RKREZA KURNIAWAN: Reza Kurniawan is 17. He graduated from Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep and is going to attend San Francisco State University this fall. He is majoring in Electrical Engineering. This will be his third year in YFAT. Exciting! This guy enjoys inline skating, biking, public transport, guitar, trombone, violin, singing, airsoft guns, shooting lightning, and most importantly YFAT. He enjoys the company of others and never really enjoys going out to places by himself. This guy really likes to go with the flow and also eats alot.

RHROBYN HUEY: Robyn Huey is a recent graduate of SHCP and will attend UC Davis in the fall. Since she was so awesome at being production manager last year, she will take on the challenge again for her second year of YFAT. In addition, she will be co-directing the first and only play she has written thus far. Robyn lives with two guys that smell like tortilla. She let them crash at her place in December 2010, and she probably gets along with them so well because they all love eating. Their names are Finn and Jake (from Adventure Time), and their occupation is being her pet rats. Robyn collects Rockstar Energy Drink tabs and is an overall caffeine fiend. Everything fascinates her, but when it comes down to it, Robyn basically lives and breathes visual and performing arts.

SCSYDNEY CHAN: Sydney is sixteen, and is going to be a junior at Lowell High School. She thinks it is slightly odd to be referring to herself in third person, but oh well. She took theater tech during freshman year, and is looking forward to her first year at YFAT. Sydney enjoys writing random stories, but has never completed any of her stories because though they started out to be interesting, they ended up being unworthy of completion; reading and rereading books (and believes that if you have not read any of Roald Dahl’s books, you are deprived of a childhood… and suggests that you read his books immediately); and watching movies and/or dramas, usually action or comedy, but the two may not be combined.

TKTERRY KITAGAWA: Terry Kitagawa has now been a part of the YFAT family for 3 years now. YFAT has become an inspiration for him as he is now is going to Notre Dame De Namur as a Theatre major. He is excited to have a new start in the college life and hopes to still be part of YFAT next year.

VMVIOLA MAI:  Viola is a lazy, pathetic, caffeine-driven monster with a demented love of European and (select bits) of Asian history. Currently set to graduate from Lowell High School in 2012, Viola is president of Film Club, part-time attendee and nagger of Astronomy Club, and resident-food-gobbler of Visual Arts Club. Viola likes the following: potatoes, PS3s, foreign films, large robots called Gundams, eyeliner, and lewd jokes. Though Viola is prone to temper tantrums, laughing fits, and brain farts, she will attempt to pass as an actor for this year’s production. Hopefully, she won’t fall off the stage.