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Youth for Asian Theater Video (Show 2012) | Youth for Asian Theater
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Youth for Asian Theater Video (Show 2012)

YFAT Show 2012

Hello everybody.¬†Due to unforeseen circumstances, difficulties, and long stories that you may or may not want to hear, we were only able to record the show in 240p. We apologize to anyone who was looking forward to watching the show in better streaming quality. On a positive note, it’s better than no footage, right? (Also, we are working on backing up, splicing, and uploading it onto Youtube at the moment. Thanks for your patience.)

One last thing, YFAT received approximately double the value in donations from last year’s show. So, on behalf of YFAT, thank you to everyone for coming and especially to those of you who donated. Your continued support is very much appreciated and valued, and helps keep amazing programs like this alive and kicking.

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